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Best Wood Type for Home Improvement

Best Wood Type for Home Improvement

Often, we hear about Mahogany, Narra, Tanguile, and Molave as a durable type of material suitable for wood works and construction purposes. Wood has been used ever since the pre-colonization era, but it became rampant during the Spanish occupation. It was used for structural posts, church floorings, and furniture.

Purchase legal wood

In the early years, acquiring wood is easy but as time passes by and due to the effect of illegal logging it became difficult. Before you purchase, see to it that the person has a government-issued certificate that allows him/her to sell timber or forest products.

As a reminder, firewood, pulpwood, or timber that was produced from Ipil-ipil does not require any permit or licenses.

Types of local hardwood

Before we move on to the types of local hardwood which is often used for home improvement purposes, let’s keep in mind that a timber or forest products pertains to pulpwood, firewood, hardwood and all types of timber that has a diameter of 150mm and length of 1500mm.

  • Molave – This wood type has a fine texture and considered as one of the hardest type. It has no distinct odor and is available in pale yellow to pinkish-brown tone. This wood fits for window frames and structural posts.
  • Kamagong –  Here in the Philippines, this tree is referred to as ironwood for its very hard quality. The inner region is sometimes completely black and has pinkish sapwood.  Kamagong is ideally used for furniture and small decoratives.
  •  Tanguile –  One of the local kinds of wood often referred to as Philippine Mahogany. Its relatively soft quality is perfect for interior finishes and cabinets.
  •  Narra – A tropical wood which gains its popularity because of its lustrous, yellow to red tone and an attractive odor. This is ideal for furnishings, floor planks, and wall panels.
  •  Yakal – A high-grade timber that can tolerate harsh hot and cold weather. Perfect for crafting furniture, surface finishes, and outdoor constructions.
Treatment for longevity
Proper treatment is needed to ensure that the wood is free from bugs. Aside from it, using top coating brands like Sadolin and Protego adds additional protection.


When you’re planning to give your house a make over and wood is included in the materials, you can ask for an assistance from an experienced carpenter or artisan in making sure that the wood you’ll purchase has a good quality.


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