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Home Tip # 1: Electrical Safety Tips

Home Tip # 1: Electrical Safety Tips

Tip #1: Never mix water and electricity – Water is a conductor of electricity which makes it dangerous if these two elements are combined. To be safe, keep your hands and area dry before plugging in your stuff.

Tip #2: Never put metal objects in outlets or appliances – Putting metal objects in the outlet can cause electric shock since it is a conductor of electricity. To protect your children from playing with it, you can put an outlet cover to prevent possible injuries.


Tip #3: Don’t plug too much stuff into one outlet –  As the Christmas holiday approaches, let’s celebrate with peace on our minds by avoiding overloaded outlet in our houses to prevent fire.


Tip #4: Stay away from transformers and substations – High Voltage Electricity is present in substations and transformers which is the main reason why electric companies place fences and signages to warn the people to stay away from these structures.

Following these tips can save your life as well as expenses from possible damages that electricity may incur. Check also your breaker and plugs before leaving the house to avoid overheated appliances. Enjoy your day without worry.

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