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Home Tips #2: Tips on How to Save Energy

Today, more than ever, almost all people rely on electricity. It has become an essential part of modern civilization and if taken away, could very well shake the very foundation of our society. It is hard to imagine a world without it, so it is no surprise that it comes with a price. Anyone who …

5 Ways to Clean and Maintain Your AC

All appliances are investments and we could all agree, especially in tropical countries, that air-conditioning units are one of the biggest investments we have at home. That is why we should take care of them and get the most out of our Investment. So here are 5 tips on how to clean and maintain your …

Best Wood Type for Home Improvement

Often, we hear about Mahogany, Narra, Tanguile, and Molave as a durable type of material suitable for wood works and construction purposes. Wood has been used ever since the pre-colonization era, but it became rampant during the Spanish occupation. It was used for structural posts, church floorings, and furniture. Purchase legal wood In the early …